NEW this year: Cricket Demonstrations!


The Scots are a sports-loving people and one of their more popular summer team sports is the venerable old game of cricket.

Visitors to this year’s Detroit Scottish Games on August 7 will have an opportunity to personally experience this aspect of Scottish culture by joining in the short, easy-to-play, cricket games that American cricket player and teacher Tom Melville will be conducting in the Wee Bairns area throughout the day.

The games will be run on a continuous walkup basis and open to all. Absolutely no experience required!

So come and discover what “play ball’ means to the Scots!

Cricket in Scotland?

Cricket has a considerably lower profile in Scotland than it has in neighbouring England. Scotland is not one of the twelve leading cricketing nations which play Test matches, but the Scottish national team is now allowed to play full One Day Internationals even outside the Cricket World Cup, in which Scotland competed in 2007. Scotland has a well established recreational cricket structure. In 2016 it was estimated that around 17,000 people play cricket in Scotland.  Wikipedia