We value all of our Volunteers!

Meeting for all Volunteers!

Wednesday, August 4, 2021, 6:30 PM – at Greenmead Historical Park

There will be a meeting of all the Volunteers in the Alexander Blue House at the Greenmead Historical Park, on Wednesday, August 4, 2021, at 7:30.  At this event, the plans for the Games will be reviewed and discussed.  Volunteers can meet other volunteers, as well as ask questions about their roles and the activities.  Volunteers will also be given their lanyards and wristbands.  Unfortunately, there will not be T-Shirts for the Volunteers this year.

Food will be provided.  Come join us for this exciting event!


A Highland Games Volunteer is a person who is providing assistance to the success of the St. Andrew’s Society. Anyone can volunteer for the games, be it St. Andrew’s member, family, or friend.

We are anticipating another wonderful event this year. Our events require a huge number of dedicated volunteers in order to be successful. Please join us as we celebrate 172 years of passion and pride.

Volunteers are needed to make our Games a continued success. 

Volunteers are needed in most of the following areas and times:

• Ceilidh
• Field Set-Up
• Field Clean-Up and Tear-Down
• Gate Admissions
• Genealogy
• Patron’s Tent
• Program Sales
• Raffle Tickets Sales
• St. Andrew’s Tent
• Security
• Water Sales
• Welcome Center
• Whisky Tent

Sign-up to Volunteer here! 

If you use the manual (paper) form, please give this form to Glen Milligan or send a copy to volunteers@detroitscots.com.