2024 Pipe & Drums Competition!


Although every nation in Asia and Europe can claim a bagpipe in its lore, today it is most closely associated with Scottish music. It has become an important part of modern military pageantry in many nations from India to Britain, Palestine to the USA. The bagpipe is restricted to a mere nine notes, but its music is varied by extraordinary technical execution – from solo pipers to several hundred pipers in massed bands.

During our games, solo pipers and drummers will compete during the morning, and pipe bands from as far as Florida and Ontario are expected.  Do not miss the Drum Major competition, a drill test of marching, signaling commands, and handling the mace.  Massed Bands will parade at the Opening Ceremonies on the Main Field at 11:30 am and again at the Closing Ceremonies at 5:30 pm.

Pipe and Drums Schedule, Saturday, August 3, 2024

8:30 am – Individual Piping and Drumming Competition

11:30 am – WELCOMING CEREMONIES including Parade of Clans followed by Massed Bands on Main featuring “Amazing Grace”

2:00 pm – Pipe Band Competition, Grade 3, 4, and 5 on Main Field

5:30 pm – CLOSING CEREMONIES including Massed Bands, Individual Piping and Drumming, and Band Trophy Presentation on Main Field

Pipe and Drums Entry Is Now On-Line


To Enter the Pipe & Drum Competition, follow these steps:

1. Go to Highlandgames.com/piping-drums and click the link to EventBrite to complete the entry process.

2. On the event page, click Reserve A Spot.

3. Select the event you would like to enter.

4. Fill out the entry form with your personal information.

5. If the event requires payment, enter your payment information.

6. Review and confirm your order.

7. Receive your confirmation email.

Admission Tickets:

  • Solo Competitors, who are NOT in a participating band, will also need to purchase an admission ticket to the event. Admission tickets are also available on EventBrite.
  • Solo Competitors, who are in a participating band, will receive an admission ticket from your band once they have completed their band entry.
  • Bands participating in our event will receive an additional email, within 48 hours of completing the entry process, that will include admission tickets for the number of participating band members you indicated during the entry process.

If you encounter any issues in the entry process, please contact tickets@detroitscots.com

For Questions about the Piping and Drumming Competition Contact:

 Dave Martin at



                       Pipe and Drums Trophy Contributions

                           For Trophy Contributions, visit our Trophy Contribution Page.