Stay Tuned!  Details of our 2021 Ceilidh & Highland Games are coming soon!

Highland Dancing Competition

Congratulations to Our 2019 Winners! 

Dancer of the Day
Erin Blair

Best Swords of the Day
Rosalyn Agapito
Erin Blair 

Most Promising Beginner
Sophia DeMaagd

Most Promising Novice
Giana Coscia

Most Spirited
Quinn Dunny

Choreography winners
Rosalyn Agapito
Amy Goodison

Beginner Winners
Sophia DeMaagd
Alexandria Poosch
Novice Winners
Giana Coscia
Kamden Nestor
Intermediate Winner
Margaret Ricord
Premier Winners
Erin Blair
Elizabeth Faglie
Emilia Gruenhagen
Morgan O’Connor
Hailey Romain